How to Create SMS and Email Campaigns ?

Marketing is an essential element in every business. It is the way through which we promote and reach our target audience to sell our products. You can efficiently and conveniently do your promotions to all your customers. 

Here's how you can schedule SMS and email marketing campaigns for all your potential customers

From the left panel in the dashboard go to -> Marketing -> Campaigns -> All campaigns -> Add campaign 

Click on an Add campaign

Start a new campaign. To get started, enter the name of the campaign


When a campaign is scheduled merchant can select the type of buyers to whom the merchant wants to run the campaign. 


The buyer details are auto-populated based on the specific tag a merchant selects at the time of creating a campaign.


Enter the text and required email body, subject line, and sender name as shown in the below screenshot.


You can choose to run the campaign immediately or schedule it for later.


Click on the Finish button to save the campaign.

All your scheduled campaigns can be seen under the section "All Campaigns"


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