Link a domain to your Instamojo Store (that you have purchased from another vendor)

A domain name represents your brand name. If you have a domain name booked already, you can set it as a custom domain or can buy one from us.

Here is how you can go about linking your custom domain to the Online Store  : 

  • Login to your Instamojo dashboard 
  • From the left panel in your dashboard go to Online store -> Store -> Set up Domains  

Click on Yes, I already have a domain 

Enter your domain name and click on Link to Store 


Your Domain is linked to your Store


The final step is to Update the cName records on your service providers' DNS Settings.

Follow the steps given below to point your domain to your Instamojo Store 

  • Login to your domain provider’s website (from where you booked the domain). For example - Godaddy, Bigrock, google, etc.
  • Look for the Manage DNS option.
  • Once you have opened the DNS, you will see the records like CNAME, A records, etc.
  • Add the below records to successfully point your domain to your website.

Add the below records to successfully point your Domain to your Website.

 CNAME  www
 A record

Note: You can add multiple A record values 

If you wish to purchase a domain through the Instamojo store, please refer here: Purchasing a domain from Instamojo



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