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Categories are used to organize products by type. In this section you can add, update, delete categories, reorder categories, and reorganize categories. You can add multiple levels of a category to make it easy for your customers to browse your product range.

Here's how you can add Categories to your Product 

From the left panel in your dashboard go to Online store - > Categories -> Add a Category

  1. Give a suitable title to the new category. Enter the name of the category that will appear in your store.
  2. Add a description to the category. 
  3. Parent Category: You can select parent categories from the drop-down to be the first category for different sub-categories. 
  4. You can choose to display the respective category on the homepage of your store website by ✓ on the option featured. 
  5. You can upload images for the categories. 
  6. Mention a label for the category like a size chart or size guide. 
  7. Add a Page title for the category. This title will be displayed in the section as a category title. 
  8. Save category

 All the Categories are managed under the Categories section 

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