Manage Customers and Create Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles section helps you do the following 

1) Customers section allows you to store all your buyer details, who have made at least one purchase on your online store. All the buyer details are auto-saved in the All Customers section

2) It allows you to add specific tags to your buyers and create customer profiles based on how you want to classify your buyers/customers.

For example, you can classify your buyers as Gold plan customers, Silver plan customers or Premium customers, etc.

3) It also allows you to add a new customer manually. This new customer could be someone who has not made any purchase on your online store yet.

Part 1: 

Here's how you can manually create or add a new customer to your Profiles section

From the left panel in your dashboard select Online store -> Customers -> All Customers -> Add new customer 

Click on Add new customer to add your customer-related details.


Add the following details to create a Customer Profile 


Part 2:

The buyer details like Email, Name, Address, etc are auto-saved when they make a purchase on the merchants online store either by registering on the store or by doing a guest signup

Registered users and Guest users are the default tags stored In the system 

Registered users: When a customer registers on your store website they are Categorized as ‘registered users’. 

Guest Users: When a customer does a ‘Guest’ login to place an order such customers are categorized as guest users.

You can bulk tag the customers by clicking upon the + symbol present on the toolbar.


You can add specific tags to your customers to identify customer types while implementing Marketing campaigns for your customers. 


Click on the Close button to save the tags.




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