Edit Store Page Information

You can edit the Home page, About Us, Contact Us, and FAQ pages content live, from your dashboard. 

Here's how you can edit the content live

From the left panel in your dashboard select -> Online Store -> Store Settings -> Pages

Click on the 'Edit live' option to edit the content of any page you wish you to edit. 


Clicking on Edit live option, you will be routed to your store home page. You can do the following actions on your store home page

  • You can add content to the web pages for store information, specifying details about your business.
  • You can edit the text in the content field as per your preference.
  • You can easily format and change your text using the text editor.
  • You can insert the links, tables, images, etc.

 Make sure to save the changes whenever you make an edit to the content of the Webpage.

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