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Managing reviews of your Online business is Important. It provides you with one of the most essential things i.e Customer Feedback. In order to maintain the reputation of your business in the online market, you must manage your reviews wisely.

Here's how you can manage your Product Reviews all in one place. 

From the left panel in your dashboard select Online store -> Products -> Reviews & Ratings



The list will appear as per the following 

  1. Name: It will have the name of the customer who reviewed the product.
  2. Product: It will have the details of the product reviewed.
  3. Review message: This will have the Text body of the reviews 
  4. Created date: Date of review 
  5. Status: Status of the review
  6. Action: Edit or delete the review  

You can easily manage your reviews on the ‘Manage review’ page which has all the reviews of the customers about various products.

  1. You can delete the reviews which you don’t want to display with your product by clicking upon the Delete review button and can keep the reviews which you like by clicking upon the Approve review button. 
  2. You can also reject the reviews by clicking upon the Reject review button. With the help of these, you can ensure that only worthy and informational reviews go live on your website. 

Customers can drop in their reviews through your Store Website 

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