How to Add Product Attributes

Product Attributes

Product attributes are the additional specifications of your product which your customer would want to know. 

Organizing the attributes of a product by creating groups such as Specifications, Product dimensions, etc will make it easy for customers to understand more aspects of the product. 

These additional attributes are displayed on your product page.  

Here's how you can Add Product Attributes to your Product 

From the left panel in your dashboard select Online store - > Products - > Attributes


Add the following details to Add an Attribute Group 


Click on Add Attributes


Edit the Product link for which you have added the Attributes and click on Product Attributes 


Add Values to the Product Attribute 


Click on the respective Product link to check out how the Attribute values are shown on your Product page.

Here's how the attributes are displayed on your Product pages


Note: The Product Attribute option will be available for already created products and not while creating a product.

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