How to Add Product Filters

Product Filters

Product filters are the values you can add to a product in your online store, using which the customers will be able to filter out products. 

Organizing the values of a product by creating filters such as Specifications, Product dimensions, etc will make it easier for your customers to understand more aspects of the product. 

These additional attributes are displayed on your product page.  

Here's how you can Add Product filters to your Product 

Step 1: From the left panel in your dashboard select Online store - > Products - > Product Filters



Step 2: Add the following details to add a filter value 


Step 3: Add the filter name and values that you wish


Step 4: Simply move the cursor over to one of the values you have added to see the additional options. You will be able to add products to each value, by using the add button


Additional options: 

  • You can edit any filters or values, as and when you wish to.
  • You can also organize the value list as to how you want it to be displayed in your Online Store.
  • You can delete any of the values at any point


A look from the online store:

This is how the filter and values will look in the online store, where the customers can choose an option from: 


Note 1: The Product Filter option will be available for already created products and not while creating a product.

Note 2: This feature is available only in Growth plan and above. You can refer here to know more about our online stores: Online store plans.

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