Bulk Import and Edit Customers data

Bulk Import Customers data 

Instamojo's Product batch uploader feature helps you bulk import your Customer's data.

Note: Upload an excel file of max size 20 MB and only Excel / CSV files are supported. 

Here's how you can Import your data in Bulk 

From the left panel in your dashboard go to Online store -> Customers -> Select Bulk Import icon on the toolbar

Here is a sample excel file format to upload customer profiles data. Download the sample file 

Fill in the required details in the excel file and Import the file to the store 

If there is an error while uploading the file the errors are highlighted on the product batch uploader page. If the Error still exists drop an email to support@instamojo.com with a screenshot of the Error. 

 Bulk Edit Customers data  

Here's how you can edit your customers Profile data 

From the left panel in your dashboard go to Online store -> Customers -> All customers  -> Select Bulk edit Icon on the toolbar

  1. Select the Profile type as registered or guest users 
  2. Select tags if you have created any
  3. The default columns in the excel should be email, first name, last name, sex, birthday, anniversary, contact, etc as shown in the above screenshot.
  4. Select the date range of the customers created (such as last 30 days etc)
  5. Upload the modified sheet back again through the ‘Upload’ option.

For queries please reach out to us at support@instamojo.com 


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