mojoPlus FAQs

What is mojoPlus?

mojoPlus is a reward program on Instamojo where our customers can earn points on collecting payments using Instamojo. These points can be redeemed to avail exciting discounts on Instamojo fees, get coupons, purchase Apps and much more. 

How can I become eligible for this program?

Currently, only customers who are on the default pricing plan ( are eligible to earn rewards under this program. 

How many points do I earn per payment?

For every payment you collect, you receive points worth (1% of payment amount + 1). For example, 

a. You collect 1 payment of Rs 35

Total points earned in this case = (1% of 35) + 1 = 0 + 1 = 1 point

b. You collect 2 payments of Rs 100

Total points earned in this case = 2*((1% of 100) + 1) = 2*(1 + 1) = 4 points

Note: When points are being calculated, it will be rounded off to the lower integer. 

What can I do with these points?

You can use accrued points to purchase Apps on the Payment Apps, get discounts on Instamojo Fee and much more. For more details, please visit your mojoPlus dashboard.

I am a customer not on the pricing plan given above and I want to become eligible for this program. What can I do?

It's great to hear that! If you are interested in changing your pricing plan with us, reach out to us at and we will look into your request. 

I had purchased credits on Instamojo some time ago to purchase Apps and I do not see credits given anywhere on my dashboard. What should I do?

Don't worry! Your credit balances have gone nowhere. As we are introducing the new and exciting mojoPlus, credits have been deprecated from date 22-06-2020. Users can subscribe to Apps using Points. Any remaining credits (only purchased) as on date 22-06-2020 have been converted into points at the following ratio (1 credit = 10 points) without affecting their rupee value. 

I had been granted credits on Instamojo some time ago to purchase Apps but I am unable to find them. What should I do?

Any credits which were granted by Instamojo for free of cost before 22-06-2020 have been debited. In case you have used a partial amount, only the remaining balance has been debited. 

Note that the credits you purchased will continue to remain with you and have been converted into points at a conversion rate of 1 credit = 10 points.



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