How to send email campaigns to your customers during the festive season

Over 71% of Indians are still unclear where to shop from this festive season. With the onset of festivals in the country, shopping behaviour is expected to peak between late September to early November. Customers are looking to gift their loved ones a memorable experience this holiday season. It is the best time for your business to promote across different channels, and we can help. 

Therefore, to help guide your customers to your store, we have set up campaigns based on different buyer sets in your Instamojo dashboard. 

Login to your Instamojo dashboard and click on ‘Campaigns’ from the Left-Hand-Side of the dashboard. 

Why do you need campaigns? 

Campaigns Tool on your Instamojo online store sends updates, reminders, offers and announcements in the form of SMSes and mailers to customers belonging to 3 customer segments  - 

  1. New Customers: Customers  who have made a one-time purchase
  2. Repeat Customers: Buyers who have made more than a one-time purchase 
  3. Drop-off Customers: Customers who visited the online store but did not make a purchase 

Follow the steps below to send campaigns to these 3 sets of buyers - 

  1. Go to Campaign Page
  2. Select Edit Campaign and review or edit the email and SMS content you wish to sendScreenshot_2020-10-23_at_8.13.53_PM.png
  3. Confirm the list of pre-filled emails of your customers and email body that you want to send.Screenshot_2020-10-23_at_8.14.08_PM.png
  4. You can choose to schedule the campaign at your preferred date and time. 

How to view customer tags: 

You can divide your customers into different customer tags - buyers are pre-tagged (from the backend) as New, Repeat, or Dropped. You will be able to see three tags in the Customers section and can filter them out and edit.

  1. Click on Customers  - > All Customers 
  2. Based on the tags, predefined and custom campaigns would be added (from the backend) to your campaigns. You can edit and schedule the campaigns from the Campaign section. 
  3. For example - the campaign would be called ‘Diwali Offer’ followed by the Tag.

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