Share discount links with your customers

If you’d like only a specific customer to get the discounted price, you can just share the discounted URL with them which has the discounted price.

Here's how you can generate a discounted link for each product:

1. Click on the discount links option from the LHS dashboard. 

2.  Add the Code you wish to, Amount and you can also set a limit to the number of products to include for that discount. Click on ‘Generate link’ and your discounted Product link will be shown below in the list.

3. You can share the discounted link with your customers over email or SMS.

4. Each discounted link will have only one product to which the discounted amount will be applied. 

5. If the discounted amount is greater than the actual price of the product the discount link will be made inactive. In such cases, your customers will not be able to apply the discounted amount to the total checkout amount.

6. The discounted amount will be applicable to the total checkout amount only if your customer adds the product to the cart and proceeds to checkout via the shared discounted link. 

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