How to create a digital product link? (MojoCommerce)

How to sell products online (MojoCommerce)?

This article will help you in understanding how to add a Digital Product and start collecting payments online?

Login to your Dashboard and click on ‘Add Product’.



If you are selling any kind of digital files, PDFs, eBooks, educational materials and you want the buyers to directly be able to download the product after purchase, create a Product link under Digital Products Option.




Note: All the fields available in the physical product links are available in the digital product link. Additionally, you will have an option to upload digital files. The file limit to upload a digital file is 20 GB.

Here are the product features that you can include while creating your digital product link: 



Upload File: Upload the digital product that you wish to sell using this option. Once you upload it here, the buyer will be able to download the file directly from your store, post the payment

Product Images: Upload images of your product. You can upload up to 10 images for the Premium online store. 

Title: Your Product name

Description: Detailed description of the product covering its features and other information you would want your customer to know. Read our blog on How to write product descriptions for an online store

Selling price: The base price of your Product. You will have an option to make the product free or enable the customers to enter the amount if you select "Pay What You Want" under the pricing tab. 

Limit number of downloads: You can now set a limit to the number of times a buyer will be able to download the product post the purchase.

Quantity: Number of Products available in stock. 

SKU: A Unique identification code for the Products. For eg. - Menstshirt101. 


Add variants: Click on Create Variants, add a variant called ‘Colour’ and add possible options available for the variant-color. For example, a color variant can have options like blue, green, white, etc. Similarly, you can add variants for size, fabric, etc.


Edit the prices for Variants: You can edit the prices for individual variants by clicking on "Edit" and updating the selling price for that particular variant.


Choose the category: Choose the category under which your Product falls. You can also create a new category and select the same for the product.





Note: You can keep your product for reselling only if there are at least one product image and a product description of at least 50 words. 

SEO Options


In case you want to control the way search engines (SEO) handle this payment link, you can enter the settings. To know more about Payment links, check our article on payment links for SEO.

Advanced Settings


Redirection URL: This is the URL customers are redirected to after they make a successful payment. If you have a landing page where you would like your customers to come to after they have made the payment, use this box to enter that page URL.

Webhook URL: The webhook URL is the URL where we can send the info about each purchase to you. You can read more about what is a webhook

Custom thank you note: A note to your customers, it shows a message to your customers in the email purchase receipt.


Finally, click on Save and this will take you to your newly created Product link. You can share this link with your customers or in your social circle to increase traffic on the same. This also appears as a product card on your free online store.

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