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Now create a page to showcase your business, profile, portfolio, service or product.Instamojo smart pages come with in-built payments, themes, and features that allow you to make a lasting impression on your customers. 

Build mobile optimised pages for your business without coding!


Screenshot_2021-11-09_at_4.04.07_PM.pngUse smart pages to make your business stand out

  • Choose the perfect theme for your landing page . You can also pick dark or light modes.
  • Build trust with customer images, videos, testimonials.
  • Answer all customer questions with an FAQ section
  • Personalise your URL through easy customisation
  • Add your profile to promote your page effectively
  • Personalise experience with a “Thank You” page
  • Promote your products using discount codes
  • Collect customer information to serve them better


Smart pages come with integrated payments

  • Let customers pay you with 100+ payment modes
  • Safe, PCI-DSS payments with a 99% success rate
  • Flat pricing of 5% + ₹3 on successful transactions


Is Instamojo Smart Pages a free landing page builder?


Do I need a domain to create smart pages?

You don't need a domain to create a smart page.


How many pricing options can I add in one smart page?

You can add upto 3 pricing options. You can limit the number of payments, allow customers to edit ,allow customers to choose quantities and more!


How many smart pages can I create?

There is no limit on the number of pages you can create.



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